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Season 2: Episodes 1-4


1: A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!

Teleplay: Mel Goldberg  Story: Paul Harber and Mel Goldberg  Director: Nicholas Colasanto

When a widow of a soldier killed in Vietnam is found dead, Five-O realise that it is the latest in a series of deaths of women who have died after collecting money paid to them by the armed services.

Guest Stars
Harry Guardino (Sgt. Simms), Barbara Luna (Yoko Collins), Barbara Nichols (Betsy), James Hong (James Watanu), Clarence Garcia (Lt. Fujita), Loretta Swit (Anna Stockton Shroder), Lee Andersen (Bank V.P.)

Air Date: 24 September 1969  Production Number: 1729-0259



2: To Hell With Babe Ruth

Writer: Anthony Lawrence  Director: Nicholas Colasanto

Five-O goes after a mysterious man who robbed a military armory. They soon find out that the man is someone who is living in the past and plans to fulfill the orders that he was given at the start of World War Two.

Guest Stars
Mark Lenard (Yoshio Nagata), Will Kuluva (Yuko Takuma), Virginia Wing (Heather Nagata), Bruce Wilson (Dr. Lukens), Tom Fujiwara (Jerry Minobe), Philip Batten (Capt. Barnes), Robert Brilliande (Doc), Vincent E. Eder (Officer Naaleu), Patricia Tuscano (Jenny), Beau Van den Ecker (Security Guard)

Air Date: 1 October 1969  Production Number: 1729-0254



3: Forty Feet High and It Kills!

Teleplay: Robert C. Dennis  Story: Ed Lasko and Robert C. Dennis  Director: Michael O'Herlihy

When a tsumani alert turns out to be a false alarm, Five-O finds out that it was a ruse to kidnap a prominent genetics scientist. Five-O has to find the scientist before he disappears for good.

Recurring Actors/Characters
Khigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat), Peggy Ryan (Jenny)

Guest Stars
Will Geer (Professor Harold Lochner), Sabrina Scharf (Victoria Lochner), William F. Bigelow II (John Padway), Wright Esser (Dr. Michael Crighton), Winston Char (First Chinese), Gary Ah Vah (Second Chinese), Milton Mau (Third Chinese), Bill Fong (Fourth Chinese); Herman Wedemeyer (Alert Announcer)

Air Date: 8 October 1969  Production Number: 1729-0260



4: Just Lucky, I Guess

Teleplay: Jay Roberts and Mel Goldberg  Story: Jay Roberts  Director: Nicholas Colasanto

A visiting hardware salesman is a witness to a murder and doesn't want to get involved with the police. McGarrett must convince the man that he should name the culprit before it is too late.

Guest Stars
Albert Paulsen (Charley Bombay), John Randolph (Marty Sloane), Anne Helm (Joyce), Elaine Joyce (Angela Carlson), Herb Vigran (Willie), Tom Castranova (1st Hood), Billy Whitewolf (2nd Hood), Robert Costa (Shoe Shine Man), Roy Vehara (Waiter), Mitch Mitchell (Lt. Croft), Sam Peters (Doorman), Leimomi (Operator), George Gunkle (Bartender)

Air Date: 15 October 1969  Production Number: 1729-0255