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Season 5: Episodes 1-4


1: She Walks in Beauty

Writer: William Stuart  Director: Don McDougall

Regan Miller arrives in town and Hoss is smitten when he meets her thinking that she a gentle woman. Hoss then begins courting Regan, who is now living with her sister, Amelia. Initially only Amelia knows Regan's true nature but when Adam comes back from a trip to San Francisco he is not pleased to find out that his brother has fallen for the woman, as he too also knows about Regan's past. Adam confronts Regan about her intentions and when Regan reverts to her true personality and kisses Adam, Hoss sees it. The man is angry and blames his brother, which leads to more uncertainty and heartache.

Recurring Actors/Characters
Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Guest Stars
Gena Rowlands (Regan Miller), Jeanne Cooper (Amelia Miller), Phil Chambers (), Robert Adler (), Craig Duncan ()

Air Date: 22 September 1963



2: A Passion for Justice

Writer: Peter Packer  Director: Murray Golden


Recurring Actors/Characters
Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee)

Guest Stars
Jonathan Harris (Charles Dickens), Victor Maddern (Dan Stoker), Frank Albertson (Sam Walker), Charles Irving (Rogers), Sydney Smith (), E.J. Andre (), Don Washbrook (), Alice Frost (), James Stone (), Clegg Hoyt ()

Air Date: 29 September 1963



3: Rain from Heaven

Writer: Robert Vincent Wright  Director: Lewis Allen


Recurring Actors/Characters
Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee), Bing Russell (Deputy Clem Foster)

Guest Stars
John Anderson (Tulsa Weems), Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Weems), Mickey Sholdar (Jube Weems), Eileen Chesis (Mary Beth Weems), Phil Chambers (), Herbert Lytton (), Mary Newton ()

Air Date: 6 October 1963



4: Twilight Town

Writer: Cy Chermak  Director: John Florea

While on his way home, Joe is bushwhacked in the desert. Left for dead, he wanders aimlessly until he comes across what seems to be a deserted town. He loses consciousness and when he comes to, the town is filled with people. Joe finds out that the town - Martinville is in trouble and it seems that he is the only one who can help them. He reluctantly takes on the job of sheriff, unaware that there is something else, that the townspeople are hiding from him.

Guest Stars
Davey Davison (Louise Corman), Doris Dowling (Katie O'Brien), Stacy Harris (Mr. Corman), Walter Coy (Masterson), Michael Mikler (Felix Matthews/Bushwhacker), Andy Albin (), Don Dillaway (), Joseph Breen ()

Air Date: 13 October 1963