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Season 4: Episodes 1-4


1: The First Born

Writers: Judith and George W. George  Director: Don McDougall

Clay Stafford arrives in Virginia City and is immediately hired by the Cartwrights as a ranch hand. One week later Clay finds himself involved in a card game and is accused of cheating. Stafford then kills the miner who is accusing him in self-defence and must leave. Prior to his leaving he tells Joe that he is Marie's son and the Cartwrights welcome him into the family. Adam and Hoss have their reservations and get Ben to investigate Stafford's past. Meanwhile the miners are out to get Clay and Joe finds himself in a difficult position.

Recurring Actors/Characters
Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee)

Guest Stars
Barry Coe (Clay Stafford), Eddy Waller (Harry), Robert Karnes (Miner), Mike Ragan (Sam/Miner), Don Beddoe (Stan Perkins), Ben Erway ()

Air Date: 23 September 1962



2: The Quest

Writers: John Joseph and Thomas Thompson  Director: Christian Nyby

Joe decides that he has had enough of doing things with his family. He asks Ben if he can take on the job of bidding for and then transporting timber down the mountain for the Sun Mountain Mining Co. Ben reluctantly agrees to do so. Joe successfully wins the bid and then goes about getting the timber. However, he soon realises that there are some things he can't do on his own.

Guest Stars
Jim Beck (Dave Donovan), Grant Richards (Will Poavey), Frank Gerstle (Jake Webber), Dan Riss (Bert Crawford), Harry Lauter (), Charles Seel (Mr. Hawkins), Grandon Rhodes ()

Air Date: 30 September 1962



3: The Artist

Writer: Frank Chase  Director: Don McDougall


Guest Stars
Dan O'Herlihy (Matthew Raine), Virginia Grey (Ann Loring), Arch Johnson (Gavin), William Keene (Stevens), S. Jon Launer (Jim), Ralph Montgomery (), Frank Chase ()

Air Date: 7 October 1962



4: A Hot Day for a Hanging

Writers: Preston Wood and Elliott Arnold  Director: William Claxton


Guest Stars
Denver Pyle (Sheriff Tom Stedman), Olive Sturgess (Mary Ann Wilson), Roy Roberts (Fillmore), Terry Becker (Shuler), Kelly Thordsen (Larson), John Harmon (McCray), Gene Roth (), Rayford Barnes (Austin), Lane Bradford (Tibbs), John Mitchum (Bartender), Robert Carson ()

Air Date: 14 October 1962