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Season 2: Episodes 1-4


1: Showdown

Writer: Dean Riesner  Director: Lewis Allen

The Cartwrights hire Sam Kirby shortly after the Virginia City Bank is robbed. Kirby, who was involved in the robbery, plays the innocent fooling everybody except Joe, who is suspicious of the newcomer.

Recurring Actors/Characters
Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee)

Guest Stars
Ben Cooper (Sam Kirby), Jack Lambert (John Pardo), Jody Warner (Ellie McClure), John Maxwell (Tom McClure), Norman Leavitt (Rudy - Telegrapher), Red Morgan (Linc)

Air Date: 10 September 1960



2: The Mission

Writer: Robert E. Thompson  Director: James Neilson

Set shortly before the start of the Civil War, an army troop is assigned to escort a wagon full of gold across the desert. The current army scout decides he doesn't want the job and quits. The army then hire Charlie Trent, a town drunk in Virginia City, to do the job on the advice of Hoss. Charlie wants to prove that he can do the job and asks Hoss to help him. Hoss decides to go with the army troop. However, the troop's former scout and his friends have other plans for the gold.

Guest Stars
Henry Hull (Charlie Trent), John Dehner (Capt. Pender), Peter Whitney (Lewt Cutter), Don Collier (Sergeant), Harry Carey Jr. (Corporal Burton), Lane Bradford (Monk), Dale Van Sickle (Morgan), Don Rhodes (Latigo), Michael Ragan (Kelly), Ray Hemphill (Johnson), Robert Adler (O'Hara)

Air Date: 17 September 1960



3: Badge Without Honor

Writer: John Twist  Director: Arthur Lubin

Gerald Eskith, a hired killer, posing as Deputy Marshal arrives looking for Jason Blaine, who is married to a friend of the Cartwrights. Eskith claims that Blaine is a witness in the trial of the Murdock gang and he wants to take Blaine back with him to Sacramento. Adam is suspicious of Eskith and is determined to help escort Blaine back. However, Gideon Cleminger has other plans for Eskith.

Guest Stars
Dan Duryea (U.S. Deputy Marshall Gerald Eskith), Fred Beir (Jason Blaine), Christine White (Mariette Blaine), Wendell Holmes (Judge Rand), Richard Warren (Gideon Cleminger), James Hong (Number One/Hop Sing's cousin)

Air Date: 24 September 1960



4: The Mill

Writer: Halsted Welles  Director: John Rich

An old friend of Ben's, Joyce Edwards arrives unexpectedly at the Ponderosa followed by her hired ranch hand, Ezekiel. Her husband, Tom, was paralysed in a hunting accident a few years earlier and she tells Ben that she is worried about him losing all his money playing cards with Ezekiel. Ben and his sons decide to build a flour mill to help the Edwards' make some money. However, Ezekiel has his own plans for the Edwards and uses his influence over Tom to cause trouble resulting in tragedy for the Edwards and Ben.

Guest Stars
Harry Townes (Tom Edwards), Dianne Foster (Joyce Edwards), Claude Akins (Ezekiel)

Air Date: 1 October 1960