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Season 1: Episodes 1-4


1: A Rose for Lotta

Writer: David Dortort  Director: Edward Ludwig

Ruthless businessmen in Virginia City decide that the time has come to put the Cartwrights and the Ponderosa out of business. They enlist the help of actress Lotta Crabtree, who uses her charm to get Little Joe into town. When the rest of the Cartwrights realise that Joe has gone missing they set out to find him using any means possible.

Recurring Actors/Characters
Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Guest Stars
Yvonne DeCarlo (Lotta Crabtree), George Macready (Alpheus Troy), Barry Kelley (Aaron Cooper), Willis Bouchey (George Garvey), Christopher Dark (Langford Poole), Sammee Tong (Hop Ling), Ned Glass (Stagecoach Driver)

Air Date: 12 September 1959



2: Death on Sun Mountain

Writers: Gene L. Coon and David Dortort  Director: Paul Landres

The Cartwrights meet Mark Burdette, who is out to make his "Bonanza" by selling antelope meat to miners at inflated prices. Ben decides to sell beef to the miners at much cheaper prices. This action drives Burdette and his partner Thorne to start a war between the Paiutes and the miners - leaving the Cartwrights stuck in the middle.

Guest Stars
Barry Sullivan (Mark Burdette), Karl Swenson (Carl Harris), Leo Gordon (Early Thorne), Bek Nelson (Glory), Harry Bartell (Chief Winnemucca), Ron Soble (Tukwa), Jeanne Bates (Stella Harris), Robin Warga (Michael Harris), Jay Hector (Harold Harris), Zon Murray (Miner)

Air Date: 19 September 1959



3: The Newcomers

Writer: Thomas Thompson  Director: Christian Nyby

Hoss is given the job of escorting unwanted visitors off the Ponderosa. What he doesn't know is that one of the visitors has other plans and has no intention of leaving.

Guest Stars
Inger Stevens (Emily Pennington), John Larch (Blake McCall), Robert Knapp (John Pennington), Charles Maxwell (Krug), George J. Lewis (Jose Moreno), Byron Foulger (Justin Flannery), Duane Grey (Wyoming), Jon Lormer (Doc Riley), Martin Mason (First Miner), Troy Melton (Merrill)

Air Date: 26 September 1959



4: The Paiute War

Writer: Gene L. Coon  Director: Paul Landres

After helping rescue two Indian women, Adam finds that he is in the middle of a potential Indian uprising, when Mike Wilson tells everybody that the Paiutes attacked him. The potential war escalates when Adam is captured by the Paiutes and Ben finds that he must uncover the truth before it's too late.

Guest Stars
Jack Warden (Mike Wilson), Anthony Caruso (Chief Winnemucca), Michael Forest (Young Wolf), Walter Coy (Captain Kelly), Douglas Kennedy (William Stuart), Howard Petrie (Major Hornsby), Peter Coe (), George Keymas (Ring Nose), Michael Ragan (Vern Wilson), I. Stanford Jolley (), Gregg Martell (Nuntah)

Air Date: 3 October 1959